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The Ted Martin Memorial Trophy

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Three of Dimitri’s acrylic paintings tied for first place in 2012, all scoring eight votes. They were ‘Sizzling Salsa’ (above left), ‘Silver Shadow’ (above right) and ‘I’m Just Walking The Dog’ (centre).

For the first four years of the competition, visitors were simply asked to name their favourite painting, the winner being the artist of the painting scoring the most votes. However, in two of the four years, this resulted in a tie between two or more paintings. So, for the 2014 competition, in order to avoid a tie, visitors were asked to name their three favourite paintings, points being awarded 3-2-1 for 1st-2nd-3rd choices. However, this gave visitors a substantial task and may have detracted from their enjoyment of the exhibition, so we reverted to the old scoring system for 2015, but with the proviso that, in the event of a tie, the winner would be the artist whose second-placed painting gained more points.

               2013                                                                        2014

Beryl Pepperell was a popular winner in 2013 with her watercolour of ‘Chepstow’ (left) with 8 votes while Ian Philpot won again in 2014 with a watercolour of ‘Cwm Cae, Cader Idris’ (right), which scored 27 points on the new scoring system.

Trevor Hill was the winner in 2015, with his watercolour painting ‘Winter Sun’, scoring 9 points, back on the old scoring system.

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