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Lisvane Art Workshop

Critique on limited palette paintings by Ian Philpot

11 April 2017

The task for the critique on 11 April was to paint from one of Ian’s six photographs using only two colours from the palette.

The six photographs were: bluebells on the Graig, Cranesbill, Greater Spotted Woodpecker, The Italian Dolomites, Gondolas at Venice and Extreme Sailing, Cardiff Bay. Although you have now missed the critique, you can still have a go at painting them as they are still available here.

The resulting paintings were critiqued by ian Philpot on 11 April. Ian then chose a winner and runners-up. The winner was Pam Gilbert for her interpretation of bluebells on the Graig, while Sherry Thomas’ (for her painting of the cranesbill) and Jennifer Lenczner (for her Italian Dolomites) were the two runners-up.

(right) Pam’s winning painting, ‘Bluebells On The Graig’

(below left) Sherry’s runner-up painting of ‘Cranesbill’

(below right) Jennifer’s runner-up painting ‘The Italian Dolomites


(above left) Paul Arnott’s ‘Gondolas In Venice’

(above) ‘Bluebells On The Graig’ by Alison Down

(left) ‘Greater Spotted Woodpecker’ by Jane Patten

(below) ‘The Italian Dolomites’ by Anne Edwards