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Lisvane Art Workshop

Lisvane Festival Exhibition 2018


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This gallery contains images of all members’ paintings in this exhibition, except those found elsewhere on the site (see page 4). The prices given for each painting were those quoted at the time and may no longer be applicable, so must be taken as a guide only.(NFS = not for sale)

(above) ‘Blue & Purple Flowers’, a handmade felt with Merino wool, by Pam Gilbert, £45

(right) ‘Iris’, watercolour by Anne Edwards, £35

(below) ‘Bristol Balloon Festival’, watercolour by Ian Philpot, £95 (now SOLD)

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(left) ‘Poppies’, watercolour by Nikou Farahat, £50

(above) ‘Hillside Cottage’, watercolour by Sherry Thomas, £75

(below) ‘Forty Shades’, acrylic by Dimitrios Venetsianos, £120

(below left) ‘Australian Bearded Dragon Lizard’, acrylic by Jane Patten, £95