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Lisvane Art Workshop

Annual Exhibition 2016

Gallery of Paintings 7

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(above left) ‘Dancing Feet, Nantes’, watercolour, by Joan Denfield, £85

(above right) ‘We Sing When We Win Or Lose’, mixed media, by Dimitrios Venetsianos, £200

(left) ‘Orange Balloon’, watercolour, by Sherry Thomas, £45

(right) ‘Cat-ch Of The Day’, acrylic & pen, by Dimitrios Venetsianos, £60

(below left) ‘Bird In A Bush’, watercolour, by Cynthia Walker, £20

(below) ‘Kingfisher’, watercolour, by David Ash, £35

(below right) ‘A Working Man’, pastel, by John Lewis, £40

(left) ‘Lucie Rie’s Bowl’, oil, by Elizabeth Davis, £70

(right) ‘Grecian Urn’, oil, by Elizabeth Davis, £50

(Below left) ‘Aberglaslyn’, acrylic, by Trevor Jones, £70

(below right) ‘The Back Bar, Crown Hotel, Southwold’, mixed media, by David Ash, £50