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Lisvane Art Workshop

Annual Exhibition 2016

Gallery of Paintings 3

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(above left) ‘Setting Sail’, watercolour. By Paul Arnott, £120

(above) ‘Winter Sun II’, watercolour, by Trevor Hill, £120

(left) ‘The Stiperstones, Shropshire Hills’, watercolour pencil, by David Ash, £45

(below left) ‘Autumn Leaves’, watercolour, by Viv Bushell, £55

(below) ‘Autumn Trees’, watercolour, by Pam Gilbert, £75

(above) ‘Sunset Trees’, embroidery, by Pam Gilbert, £45

(above right) ‘End of Day, Bamburgh Castle’, mixed media, by David Ash, £58

(right) ‘Sun’, watercolour, by Viv Bushell, £55

(below left) ‘Autumn Walk’, watercolour, by Paul Arnott, £120

(below right) ‘Bonne Nuit, Angers’, watercolour, by Joan Denfield, £70