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Annual General Meeting, 28 September 2021

The Annual General Meeting of Lisvane Art Workshop was held in the Memorial Hall on Tuesday 28th September 2021.

Amongst the decisions made are:

Since membership has now fallen to a mere handful of members, it was decided that the website is now an unnecessary expenditure, and should be taken offline (see note 1 below);

The booking on 26th March for the next Annual Exhibition should be cancelled as it was felt that membership numbers were too low to produce an exhibition of sufficient stature (see note 2 below);

The Rolling Exhibition should not be rehung;

A constitution was agreed as required by the Metro Bank (a full copy of the new constitution is available to members from the Chairman);

Ian was re-elected as Chairman and Exhibition Organiser and Sherry Thomas was re-elected  as Treasurer.


(1) Since the AGM, membership numbers have increased significantly and, with an exhibition in the offing, it was decided on January 18th that the website should now be put back online;

(2) We received an offer from the Tuesday Morning Ladies Painters Group to hold a joint exhibition - this and the increase in our own membership numbers made an exhibition a feasible option, so the date of 26th March was not cancelled.

Full minutes of this AGM are available to members on request from the Chairman.